Feltec Undercoat Wood


Product Description

Feltec Undercoat is premium grade oil-modified alkyd-based undercoat with good hiding, high build and good sanding properties.

Packing Size

1L, 5L

Theoretical Coverage

15 X 16 ml / liter per coat.
 Color Options:
Colour White
Specific Gravity Approximately 1.55
Finish Matt
Flash Point About 35°C

 Feltec Undercoat is specially formulated for use on primed metal, woodwork and previously painted surfaces prior to painting with Fedelux gloss enamel or Glo-10 synthetic enamel.

Recommended Dry film Thickness 30 ~ 35 microns
Drying Time (at 27ºc) Touch Dry : 30 minutes
Hard Dry : 6 hours
Recoating Interval Min : 8 hours
Theoretical coverage 15 ~ 16 m² / liter per coat
Volume Solids Approx. 50%


Application Method Brush/ Roller/Spray Gun
Mixing Ratio (by volume) The paint is ready for use after proper stirring. If thinning is required, add 5% of Federal General Thinner MO-464 for easy application.
Thinner / cleaner Federal General Thinner MO-464
Surface Preparation Surfaces must be dry, clean, sound and free from any loose material, dirt, grease or wax.


Storage The product should be kept in a cool and well ventilated place protected from direct sunlight. Container must be kept tightly closed.
Handling Handle with care. Stir well before use.
Shelf life 12 months
Packing Size 1 & 5 liters