K28 Joint Compound


Product Description

 K28 JOINT COMPOUND is a ready-mixed joint compound for tapping, topping and finishing interior gypsum wallboard.

Packing Size

0.5kg, 5kg, 25kg.

Theoretical Coverage

1.3 ~ 1.5 ml / kg.
 Color Options:
Solvent free and environment friendly
Very good adhesion properties over a wide range of substrates
Easy and friendly in application
Smooth and fine


K28 JOINT COMPOUND is used for tape bedding, topping and finishing interior drywall joint, fasteners heads, angles and corner. Use to fill and level drywall surfaces prior to application of finish coat. It also be can used as a texture coating for interior drywall.

Finish Matt
Color White
Viscosity Thick Paste
pH 7 ~ 9
Flash Point Non-Flamable
Drying times @ 25C touch : 1 hour
recoat  24 hours (Drying times are dependent on temperature and humidity).
No. of coats 1 or 2
Binder Vinyl resin
Theoretical coverage Approx 1.3-1.5 m2 /kg
When computing actual coverage, allow for application losses, surface irregularities etc. 


Application Method Broad knife and trowel
Mixing Ratio (by volume) The paint is ready for use after proper stirring. If thinning is required, water may be added up to a max 5%.
Thinner / cleaner Water
Surface Preparation Surfaces must be dry, clean, sound and free from any loose material, dirt, grease or wax.


Storage The product should be kept in a cool and well ventilated place protected from direct sunlight. Container must be kept tightly closed.
Handling Handle with care. Stir well before use.
Shelf life 12 months
Packing Size 0.5kg, 5kg and 25kg